M.Sc. in Data, Algorithms, and Machine Intelligence

2 years



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€ 156-2,400

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Palermo, Italy



The Master’s Degree programme provides theoretical, experimental, and practical skills on data representation and computation, for efficient and intelligent information processing. The program covers transversal topics in Data, Algorithms, and Machine Intelligence, as well as in-depth studies in application areas where data are big, relations are complex, and machine-learning structures are deep.

The subjects taught in English are:

  • Data processing: Combinatorial and probabilistic algorithms
  • Data processing: Big data management
  • Multisensory data exploration
  • Pattern discovery for life sciences
  • Knowledge representation and reasoning
  • Cybersecurity
  • Information theory and data compression
  • Data encryption and codes
  • Cloud and high performance computing
  • Complex networks
  • Artificial intelligence and deep learning
  • Machine intelligence for optimization
  • Information retrieval and natural language processing
  • Computational econophysics

I chose to enrol in this course because it offers me the possibility of attending a 2nd degree course from a public university, such as UNIPA, at the same time adjusting my necessities of daily life. Indeed, it is the structure of the course that fits in my schedule and not the opposite. This allows me to continue to work and I have not to move to be present, unless to take the final exams.

The organization of the course and the availability of the instructors make the difference as well as the overall extra learning activities and the materials uploaded on the platform.

Maria Terranova, 2021, student of the course (course started in 2021/2022)

The programme prepares to the professions of system and software analyst, system and software designer, data and information scientist.

The Master is involved in international student and staff exchanges, including an agreement with University Gustave Eiffel in Paris, that makes it possible for selected students to obtain a double degree, from Italy and France.

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