M.A. in Business & Economic Sciences – Curriculum Entrepreneurship and Management

2 years



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Palermo, Italy



The MSc Degree in Entrepreneurship and Management allows you to acquire the knowledge, techniques and skills necessary to drive critical decision-making regards ongoing companies and their performance, as well as to understand how to turn an entrepreneurial idea into a successful venture.

The degree consists of a two-year multidisciplinary study program that combines management, economic, legal, and quantitative disciplines to fully comprehend the determinants underlying the efficiency and success both of consolidated organizations and of start-up endeavours. The courses offered drive deep into the theories and techniques underlying key data collection, correct interpretation and the extraction of information to feed into effective decision making in business settings. A rich array of real-world business experiences and simulations further develop the competencies needed to excel in strategic and entrepreneurial decision making.

The program structure is meant to engage students in an interactive learning experience with teachers and classmates through high-impact class tools. Hands-on exercises, case studies, teamwork, and project work are tailored to the learning objectives of the course. Furthermore, by travelling abroad during exchange periods and due to the relevant participation of classmates from different countries, this degree offers an international exposure that is essential to develop the soft skills necessary to access and succeed in a wide range of professional roles. The MSc also offers the possibility of accessing the Double Degree Program with the University of Dubrovnik in Croatia, further stimulating the rewarding international experience of studying abroad.

The competencies and skills acquired from the degree program allow aspiring managers, consultants, and entrepreneurs to prepare for future leadership roles. The MSc is designed to provide students with valuable knowledge assets to work in advisory roles (e.g., external consultants experts in various fields from strategic business and accounting to financial analysis and management of innovation projects), occupy management positions (e.g., in national and international companies of different sectors and dimensions), start their own businesses.

Attending MSc Entrepreneurship and Management is one of the best choices I have made in my career so far. The “environment” of the classes is focused on “practical knowledge” thanks to the interesting projects organized by the Professors, but also to a direct approach between Professors and students. In addition, nowadays taking a master’s degree course in English is a must. This can open many doors to you once you have completed your studies, as it did to me.

Giovanni Liberto, M.Sc. in Entrepreneurship and Management, 2019

Courses included

  • International, EU and Comparative Labour Law
  • Advanced English
  • Business Audit
  • Business Strategy and Family Business
  • Comparative and International Accounting
  • Economic Law – Integrated Course

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