2 years

Starting Date

last week of September

Tuition Fee

€ 156-2,400


Palermo, Italy


The 2nd cycle Degree Course in Tourism Systems and Hospitality Management at the University of Palermo aims at educating professionals possessing theoretical knowledge and advanced operational skills for the design and implementation.

The course therefore aims at providing the strategic skills needed for coordinating and integrating local public and private and third sector resources.

The course aims at analysing and knowing the territorial contexts; planning and managing, under a technical point of view, projects of intervention for local tourism development; promoting the communication necessary for the sustainable development and management of tourist systems, hospitality and gastronomy; promoting advanced socio-economic research methods to analyse the various components of the tourism system on the demand as well as on the supply side.

Keywords of this master’s degree program are: internalization, innovation in didactic approach; employability; international mobility of students, teachers and staff; double degrees.

The Course aims at educating professionals possessing:

  • advanced and specific skills to design and implement, in an integrated framework of collaborations with other specialists, models for the development of local tourist systems;
  • advanced and specific competences to operate in complex tourist contexts with an integrated supply of environmental, cultural heritage as well as of tourist attractions, for the continuous improvement of the offer and more generally of the hospitality system;
  • specific competences in developing policies for the valorisation and management of the tourism potential of the region, in developing the supply of tourism services in various fields of the cultural heritage and events industry, of hospitality (incoming, hotel and complementary accommodation, catering, reception), mobility (tour operators, transport) and public administration;
  • advanced skills in the management of tourist businesses in a territorial marketing perspective;
  • ability to analyse the actual and potential tourist demand, expertise in segmentation analysis and territorial tourism marketing;
  • ability to analyse tourism consumption, as a function of sustainability-driven tourism development.

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