2 years

Starting Date


Tuition Fee

€ 156-2,400


Palermo, Italy


The M.A. in International Relations (MAIR) is the vibrant, exclusive programme, entirely taught in English, presented by the department of Political Science and International relations of the University of Palermo, Italy.

This programme offers the unique opportunity of approaching the matter of international affairs from a variety of disciplinary perspectives using various methodologies.

Students will be engaged in an inspiring and stimulating learning environment in a city that was recently declared UNESCO world heritage, and where academia meets with business world and international politics.

Selected students are also offered the chance to attend the Path of Excellence, a seminar series involving experts from the industry sector and the field of international politics.

MAIR is made of two curricula:

  • MAIT M.A. in International Trade
  • MAIS M.A. in International Studies


  • The curriculum of international trade offers students from all over the world the chance to learn the dynamics of international business in a multidisciplinary approach. The hurdles of worldwide business practice are addressed by academics from a legal, historical, economic and political perspective.
  • MAIT combines traditional lectures with online resources such as webinars, international payments, Digital Export, IT data analysis for business and trade.
  • Students are expected to obtain an advanced knowledge in planning and implementing import/export operations and foreign trade activities and investments, being able to draft international contracts, to analyse country risk profiles for foreign investments, and more.


  • The curriculum of international studies offers students the chance to explore the complexities of the international arena and of the global political system, its organization, changes and challenges
  • The multidisciplinary perspective and an intense program of activities allow a hands-on approach. In seminars and workshops experts share their experience and understanding of how international politics works.
  • Students are expected to gain an advanced knowledge in the analysis of international processes and policies, to gather and analyse data concerning global political processes and international crises and to understand complex decision-making and contexts. Indeed, they will learn how to write policy analyses, scenarios and country reports.

Courses Included

  • Contemporary World History
  • History of International Relations
  • Globalization and European Economic History
  • Afro-Asiatic Legal Systems and Mixed Jurisdictions
  • Public Governance
  • Global Politics and International Security

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